Stearated Abrasive Paper

Stearated Abrasive Paper

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RMC & Riken stearated sandpaper is made by well-chosen grain with special static planting craft, high-quality backing paper, and synthetic resin, anti-static and anti-blocking super coatings on its surface by special techniques. By means of a special process, the uniform distribution and clearance between the grain can effectively discharge the dust from the abrasive surface. The special anti-static and anti-blocking coating can effectively prevent the static. The smooth surface of coarse grit sandpaper is good at accelerating the discharge of dust. Soft latex paper brings soft properties to the product, suitable for more grinding methods and fields.

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Coarse Sandpaper Application

The stearated sandpaper is widely used in coarse grinding for furniture, automobile wheel hub, and decoration. Coarse sanding is also good to be used at paint, putty, soft metal, and other easy blockage dry grinding products. And the excellent choices for metal plate, putty, primer and other polishing in auto repairing.


Why Choose Us for Coarse Sandpaper

We supply a complete range of coarse sanding pads, including most coarse sandpaper, medium coarse sandpaper, and extra coarse sandpaper. RMC abrasives / RIKEN abrasives products include woodworking, metal, sheet metal, putty, paint, and many other fields, which are good at anti-static and anti-blocking. For example, the coarse sandpaper for wood performs so well and can greatly improve your working effiency. RMC abrasives have years’ experience in the coarse sanding industry. With advanced technologies and strict quality control, our stearated sandpaper will operate at peak performance in the most applied fields. For more information about coarse grit sand, please contact us via [email protected].

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